Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to arrive earlier prior to a flight during the Modernization?

Specific disruptions will be coordinated with all airlines and will be designed to be as minimal as possible, so please, check with the airline on which you are flying to see if they are affected. 

How is my luggage going to be handled during the Modernization?

The Modernization Program will not affect luggage handling. Your airline and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) will continue to provide guidance with any luggage handling questions or concerns.

Will ground transportation be disrupted during the Modernization?

Any disruption to the Wiki Wiki Shuttle system due to the Modernization Program will be posted on the Modernization website. Any other questions regarding ground transportation can be directed to your rental car or ground transportation provided.

For additional news related to airports statewide, go to the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation news website here.