Honolulu International Airport

As part of the larger statewide Hawaii Airports Modernization Program, the new facilities and improvements at Honolulu International Airport consist of a multi-year effort to transform HNL into a distinctive, functional airport, worthy of a first class visitor destination and to meet the growing needs of residents and visitors alike.

The major components of Honolulu International Airport Modernization Program are: 

·   Mauka Concourse
·   Diamond Head Commuter Terminal
·   Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)
·   Aloha Air Cargo Facility
·   Hawaiian Airlines Cargo/Maintenance Facility
·   Widening of Taxilanes G & L
·   New Employee Parking Lot
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Other HNL Improvement Projects in Progress

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  •    Installing new Explosive Detection System into the baggage handling system, to permit existing equipment to be removed from crowded ticket lobbies.
  •    Replacing major electrical and air conditioning systems.
  •    Replacing passenger loading bridges.
  •    Replacing escalators at the Overseas Terminal.
  •    Renovating ticket lobbies 4, 5, 7, 8.
  •    Upgrading the Access Control and Closed Circuit TV to expand security to various areas of the airport.
  •    Installing a 10MW Emergency Power Facility.


Other HNL Improvement Projects Completed

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  •    Upgraded the Flight Information Display System throughout the airport.
  •    Added new food and beverage concessions.
  •    Added 11 new Wiki Wiki buses.
  •    Constructed a 1,800-stall parking structure between the existing Interisland and Overseas parking structures, increasing the total parking capacity at the airport from 4,500 to 6,300.
  •    Constructed a new airfield electrical vault to improve the reliability of the airfield lighting and control system.
  •    Constructed a new air-conditioned International Arrivals Corridor with moving walkways, providing an easy, secure route to the Federal Inspection Services area.