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Ewa Concourse Re-Roofing


  • DesignQ4 2012
  • ConstructionQ3 2019
CompletionQ4 2021

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

For the Ewa Concourse of Terminal 2, work includes the following:

  • Removing the existing roofing system and providing new fluid applied roofing system
  • Replacing selected roof drains with retrofit drains
  • Replacing mechanical roof access ladders
  • Replacing mechanical room doors and frames
  • Removing abandoned security cameras
  • Replacing damaged chilled water line insulation jacket supports
  • Providing visual screening for chilled water lines
  • Replacing deteriorated open mechanical enclosures with enclosed rooms
  • Providing waterproof coating over all mechanical room exterior metal siding and trim
  • Miscellaneous structural, mechanical, and electrical work tasks

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