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Airfield Drainage Improvements, ITO


  • DesignN/A
  • ProcurementQ3 2016
  • ConstructionQ3 2017

Hilo International Airport

This project will construct drainage improvements at the National Guard Ramp, at Taxiway J, and at various locations along the vehicle service road to address ponding issues that were identified in previous Part 139 inspections. 

Construction will generally consist of pavement removal, grading, turf restoration, installation of drywell structures, and management and removal of contaminated soils.  Also, due to the discovery of petroleum substances in the soil samples that were taken at the National Guard Ramp, there is concern that potential fuel spills on the National Guard Ramp could mix with stormwater runoff and enter the groundwater through the drywells.  A vegetated buffer strip will be installed as a permanent BMP in the grassed area off the edge of the vehicle service road pavement as a means to trap and prevent any fuel from potential spills at the National Guard Ramp from entering the drywells.  Portions of the vehicle service road along the National Guard Ramp and portions of the pavement at the National Guard Ramp will also be repaved with appropriate grades to allow for proper drainage. 

This project will also remove and replace three (3) existing windcones for Runway 8, Runway 26, and Runway 21, which are currently located within the ROFA.  The new supplemental windcones will be frangible, per FAA Advisory Circular requirements, and will be located outside of the ROFA.

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